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Advanced Maths


The bksb Advance Maths solution includes the following components:

  • Advanced Diagnostic
  • Advanced Interactive Resources
  • Advanced PDF Resources
    • Trigonometry task sheet 1 and 2
    • Finance Glossary
  • End of Level Modules
    • Logarithms
    • Discriminant
    • Radians
    • Venn Diagrams
    • Root Mean Squared/Standard Deviation
    • Finance

Advanced Maths Content
This course in designed for students who have already gained a C grade or above in GCSE Mathematics. It concentrates on the areas where students may have weaknesses at GCSE level, but also includes additional content that may be relevant to all students’ future aspirations.

Course Summary
Price £300
Payment Options Pay by Credit/Debit card or Bank transfer /0% Finance
Study method Online
Exams None
Qualification None
Awarded by N/A
Additional Info Tutor support during normal business hours





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