Pearson BTEC Level 3 Competence Diploma in Business Administration

Designed for learners to:

  1. Demonstrate a practised set of skills when carrying out business administrative operations including the introduction of developing and managing administrative systems, processes and functions
  2. Develop their understanding of the principles that underpin working in a business administrative environment including the principles of business, covering the broader, cross-organisational processes that an administrator will need to understand
  3. Demonstrate occupational competence in a range of business administrative roles such as:
    • personal assistant
    • business development executive
    • legal administrator
    • administrative officer
    • project officer
    • team leader

Mandatory Units (27 Credits)

Unit Reference Number  Units Level Credit
1 Y/506/1910 Communicate in a Business environment 3 4
2 T/506/2952 Manage Personal and Professional Development 3 3
3 R/506/1940 Principles of Business Communication and Information 3 4
4 Y/506/1941 Principles of Administration 3 6
5 D/506/1942 Principles of Business 3 10

Optional Units (Choose 13 credits) (there are over 70 units to choose from, a selection below)

Unit Reference Number Unit Title Level Credit
6 D/506/1911 Contribute to the Improvement of Business Performance 3 6
22 M/506/1945 Analyse and Present Business Data 3 6
25 Y/506/1812  Produce Minutes of Meetings 2 3
30 L/506/1869  Contribute to the Organisation of an Event 2 3
44 A/506/1821  Manage Team Performance 3 4
53 J/506/1949  Develop and Maintain Professional Networks 4 3
71 K/502/9933   Principles of Market Research 3 5


  • Credits – 58
  • Guided Learning Hours – 282-431
  • Registration – POA
  • Cost per credit – POA
  • Total Cost – POA
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