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About: Gary Martyn B.Sc MBCS MIET

  • Role : Assessor, Tutor
  • Experience : 20+ Years
  • Specialist in : IT, Learning & Development, Assessment, Apprenticeships, Management

Starting in IT development from programming and network design to server systems and management roles I then evolved my career to specialise in Learning and Development.  Initially I focussed on the IT corporate sector and then over time in a range of industries.  I’ve created a variety of inclusive and adaptable development programmes covering technical, professional, leadership and management skill areas and I then had the opportunity to help set-up one of the first large modern Apprenticeship programmes in the UK IT sector.  Off the back of this I was invited to become a member of the TechPartnership in the UK, working with representatives from a range of IT and Telecoms companies to define the standards for Apprenticeships in the Digital Economy sector, advise the government on how to invest in growing workplace skills in the UK and awarding Gold standard certification to companies.

I am passionate about how people learn and I’m always seeking new and engaging ways of helping people to absorb new understanding, gain knowledge and then translate that into valuable skills.

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