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About: Scott Margison B.Sc (Open) Cert.Ed MSET QTLS MIET

Started as an apprentice electronics engineer in the Royal Corps of Signals, way back in 1987. I stayed in the Army for 13 years, with tours of Germany, the Gulf and Bosnia fitted in.  The first lesson I ever taught was PC Repair which was thrust upon me by my manager at the time, back when a 486 was considered fast. I loved it so much, I then went on to become a trade training instructor. Whilst doing that I decided to go to college and get qualified as a teacher in my spare time. Since leaving the Army, I have been involved in Telecoms, IT and Engineering in various roles around the world.  First as a trainer with Nortel Networks, on  Long Haul Optical Networking. Then in Canada I was a CNC Machine installer and travelled extensively around USA installing these wonderful machines and teaching the new owners how to use them.

Once back in the UK, I hankered for some formal teaching experience and started teaching Public Services at an FE college. Getting withdrawal symptoms from technology, I then started teaching Telecoms and IT to apprentices for a different FE College. Since then I have gone on to become an assessor, internal verifier (IV) and standards verifier(SV), moderator and examiner  for Pearson.

I started the company to cater for SME’s and give them more choice and flexibility in what they would like their apprentices to study. We found that bricks and mortar FE Colleges need a certain number of students to run a course, so if you only have 1 apprentice, it can be hard to get the right package.

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