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Unit 032  CAD for Maintenance Engineers – Credit Value 15 Level 4 [F/615/1501]

There is a growing trend, in part due to the popularity of three-dimensional (3D) Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, for students to generate two-dimensional (2D) drawings from three-dimensional (3D) solid models. 3D models do look impressive and whilst they clearly serve an important function in CAD design, in reality the vast majority of CAD drawings used in the industry are 2D based and, of those, a significant number are schematic drawings utilised by maintenance engineers, which cannot be produced using a 3D system.

The aim of this unit is to enable students to produce 2D CAD drawings (using industry standard CAD software), and to modify and construct electrical and mechanical drawings e.g. distribution systems, fire alarms, steam ranges, electrical and hydraulic circuits. This unit will support the development of the students’ CAD abilities and build upon those skills to introduce the more advanced techniques that are used to create and modify schematic drawings quickly and efficiently. These techniques can be used to construct pre-prepared symbols for use in circuit diagrams, or be used to create unique symbols and symbol libraries.

Alongside the creation of schematic drawings utilising the block, attributes and insert commands, the students will also learn how to extract information to populate spreadsheets and databases, tabulating the information directly from the working drawing.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this unit students will be able to:

  1. Create and modify CAD drawings.
  2. Construct, insert and export blocks with textual attributes.
  3. Produce complex schematic drawings.
  4. Transfer information to external sources.

Recommended Resources


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