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Higher Education Interview Checklist

You will be asked by a tutor to complete the following form. If you answer No to any question, this can initiate a discussion with the tutor to get you the correct information. Your Tutor will fill in the following part of the interview checksheet and the results will be stored with your student records.

Applicant Name:*
Delivery Methods: Do you understand how the course will be delivered to you?*
Assessment: Do you understand how you will be assessed on this course?*
Assessment: Have the regulations for assignment submissions, referrals and retakes been explained to you?*
Do you have relevant work experience in this subject area?*
Have you considered the time you need to allocate to complete this course, including learning activities, assessment of learning activities and the completion of assignments?*
Do you understand the role of your Course Tutor?*
Are you aware of the software and internet access needed to complete this course?*
Have you been informed of the software and other resources that Semester Learning will provide during this course?*
Are you aware of any additional costs involved, such as web access, printing, scanning, electronics pack etc?*
Malpractice: Do you understand the consequences of malpractice by a student?*
Do you understand the appeals procedure?*
Do you understand the costs involved with retaking a unit?*
APL: Have you been informed about the accreditation of prior learning e.g. previous qualifications or other work at an equivalent level to this course.*
Disability: Do you have a disability or learning difficulty? *
If you answered "Yes" to the previous question, are you happy for us to share this information with your assessors?*
Further information requested by the applicant:
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