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Unit 004/054 – Impact of the Use of IT on Business Systems Level 3 – 10 Credits [K/601/7260]

Aim and purpose

The aim of this unit is to ensure learners understand the effects developments in IT have on organisations and how organisations respond to these developments, and enable learners to propose IT-enabled improvements to business systems.

Unit introduction

Developments in IT have had a major impact on the way organisations operate. Few organisations in the developed world would be able to survive in a competitive market without utilising IT in some way.

New technologies are being developed all the time and organisations often need to upgrade their computer systems if only to keep up with the competition.
This unit starts by exploring the range of new technologies that have had an impact on business and then considers why organisations need to respond, how they will benefit and what the implications of change may be. Some established businesses have failed because they have not been nimble enough in adapting to the new information technologies. The business environment has changed as a result of technology. The borders between local, national and global markets have disappeared.

The impact of changing technology on both employers and employees is considered. Employment patterns and the expertise required of staff are changing. Flexibility in the face of new information technologies will be essential if organisations and individuals are to survive and flourish in the business world.

The introduction or enhancement of technologies will always carry some risk and learners will consider the types of risk and how organisations can manage these.

Finally, learners will consider how organisational business systems may be improved by the introduction of new technologies and they will propose an improvement to a business system through the use of IT

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Understand the effect of developments in information technology on organisations
  2. Understand how organisations respond to information technology developments
  3. Be able to propose improvements to business systems using IT


Recommended Resources


Bocij P, Greasley A and Hickie S – Business Information Systems: Technology Development and Management for the e-business, Edition 4 (FT Prentice Hall, 2008) ISBN-10 027371662X, ISBN-13 978-0273716624
Reynolds J – E-Business: A Management Perspective (OUP Oxford, 2009) ISBN-10 0199216487, ISBN-13 978-0199216482





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