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Unit 003 – Information Systems [H/601/7256]

Aim and purpose

The aim of this unit is to ensure learners understand how organisations use information and the surrounding use of information, know about information systems and develop the skills necessary to produce management information.

Unit introduction

Information systems are combinations of software, hardware and communication networks, used to collect, organise and distribute useful information within organisations. The availability of reliable information, presented in an appropriate format is the basis for good decision making. It can be used by organisations for obtaining a competitive advantage and promote efficiency.

People need to become skilled manipulators and users of information to ensure that organisations become more efficient and succeed in achieving their aims and objectives. In this unit, learners will manipulate data to generate meaningful information. Learners will use an IT tool, such as a spreadsheet or a database, to process data and therefore this unit would fit well with any of the units introducing appropriate software packages.

As IT users, we need to make judgements about sources and accuracy of information and be able to select and manipulate information to support sound decision making. Not all information is current or accurate. In this unit learners will find out how to select their sources and decide on how much credence can be placed in them.

To understand and appreciate how organisations use information, it is necessary to appreciate how businesses operate and the functional areas into which they are divided. This unit looks at these areas, as well as exploring the formal ways that internal and external information flows can be represented. There is scope for
this to be contextualised through the setting up of mini-enterprises.

In any organisation it is important that employees know the constraints that impact on the use of information and learners will consider issues such as data protection and other legislation.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Understand how organisations use business information
  2. Understand the issues related to the use of information
  3. Know the features and functions of information systems
  4. Be able to use IT tools to produce management information.


Recommended Resources


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