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Unit 005/044 – Managing Networks – Level 3 – 10 Credits [K/601/7663]

Aim and purpose

The aim of this unit is to enable learners to understand network management functions and develop the knowledge and skills needed to use the tools and technologies available to the network manager.

Unit introduction

In the business world the use of networked computer systems is commonplace and often essential. Therefore, it is important that business network systems run as effectively and efficiently as possible with minimum down-time and flexibility to change as requirements change.

This unit examines the principles of network management, allowing learners to understand the different functions and types of activity that network managers need to understand.

Network managers have a variety of tools to assist them in monitoring and maintaining networks. Specialist software tools are used to assist network managers and learning outcome 1 deals with these tools and techniques, although learners will need to become familiar only with a limited number of products.

The pace of change in networking technologies and the technologies that support network managers is rapid. Learners will research emerging technologies and find out how they will assist or impact on network systems.

For the practical part of this unit, learners will be given the opportunity to plan and carry out a variety of network management activities. The focus will be on the maintenance of the system, including configuration. Keeping accurate records is essential both for checking that work has been carried out and for referencing
solutions to potential problems. Learners will be encouraged to develop good record-keeping habits, which will also help them with practical work in other units.

Finally, learners will consider why organisations need to have a network management policy and what it would include.

Learning outcomes
On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Know about networking management tools and technologies
  2. Understand network management functions
  3. Be able to carry out network management activities


Recommended Resources


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