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Looking for an Apprentice?

If you are an employer of a small business and thought that taking on an apprentice was difficult, or the options are limited, then we are here to help clarify this.

In Wales, The Welsh Assembly Government fund apprenticeships through national providers, such as colleges and training organisations. These providers tendered for the contract and have it in place for a number of years. As a small employer, you may think that you have a limited choice as to what apprenticeships you can have, where and how it is delivered. This is not the case. Here at Semester: Learning & Development we can partner with any number of providers around the country. Our program is flexible in terms of content, delivery and start times, but best of all, there is no minimum class size!

In England, the funding is through the Skills Funding Agency and only approved prime contractors can draw down funding. However they are able to sub-contract to approved training organisations, such as Semester: Learning & Development Ltd. So even if your local college or training organisation, does not have the course to suits your needs, but you would like a local point of contact, we can help by working in partnership.

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