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Handing Over and Confirming Completion of Maintenance Activities (T/600/5516) Level 3 – 20 Credits

Unit aim

This unit covers the skills and knowledge needed to prove the competences required to hand over equipment that has been repaired, or on which some form of
maintenance activity has taken place, and to confirm that the equipment is now ready to return to service. Following the maintenance activity, the learner will be
required to either set up the equipment and hand it over to another person to complete the required start-up procedures, or complete the run-up operation
themselves, ensuring that the equipment is ready for operation before handover. This will involve checking that all the required equipment and safety devices are
operable and correctly set and/or calibrated, and that the equipment functions safely and correctly to the required specification.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Hand over and confirm completion of maintenance activities
  2. Know how to hand over and confirm completion of maintenance activities
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