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Carrying Out Fault Diagnosis on Mechanical Equipment (T/600/5533) Level 3 – 50 Credits

Unit aim

This unit covers the skills and knowledge needed to prove the competences required to carry out efficient and effective fault diagnosis on mechanical
equipment, in accordance with approved procedures. The learner will be required to diagnose faults on a range of mechanical equipment, both at assembly and
component level. This will include equipment such as machine tools, gearboxes, processing plant, engines, pumps, process control valves, compressors, transfer
equipment, lifting and handling equipment, mechanical structures and other company-specific equipment. The learner will be expected to use a variety of fault
diagnosis methods and techniques, and to utilise a number of diagnostic aids and equipment. From the evidence gained, the learner will be expected to identify the fault and its probable cause, and to suggest action to remedy the problem.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Carry out fault diagnosis on mechanical equipment
  2. Know how to carry out fault diagnosis on mechanical equipment


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