Apprentice Application Form

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BP006 – Apprenticeship Disciplinary Policy 1.1

BP009 – Appeals and Grievance Procedure 1.5

Terms and Conditions

Apprentice Application Form
9. Home Address *
9. Home Address
12.a. Will you be under 19 at the start of this apprenticeship?
14. Gender *
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22. Do you currently have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP) (used to be called a Statement of Educational Needs)?

Confirmation of Eligibility

23. Which of the following 2 items of ID and Proof of address are you able to produce *
25. Do you have the right to live and work in the UK?
26. Have you legally left school?
27. Are you of compulsory school age?
28. Are you attending school or college full time as a pupil or student
29. Are you in full time higher education?
30. Are you an ineligible overseas national?
31. Are you in custody or on remand in custody?
32. Are you receiving support from the UK Governments Work programme or work less than 16 hours per week?
33. Do you hold a degree AND the degree you hold is the same occupational route as this apprenticeship Programme?
34. Were you previously in care?
(If you were, you will be entitled to an additional bursary if aged between 19-24. If under 18, you will get this automatically)
34a. If you are aged 19-24, your employer does not need to know this, and the funds can be paid direct. Do you want your employer to know this?
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