Building Services Engineering for Technicians NVQ Level 3 Diploma


Qualification for Building Services technicians who work on their own and need access to site and get a CSCS card.

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What is the Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Building Services Engineering for Technicians?


The Building Services Engineering for Technicians qualification is a National Vocational Qualification. As such, it will allow you to participate in the Construction Skills Certification Scheme – Skilled Worker.


It is a framework, to which you must prove your competence in each of the units/areas listed below. Additionally, it is not a course where you will be taught new knowledge or skills. For those see the related courses below.


As such, you evidence work that you have done, through Work Products ( such as reports, check sheets, surveys), Witness Testimony (from someone qualified), Observation (by your assessor). Additionally, this includes Reflective Account (write up a job and reflect how it went, what went well etc) or Written Statement (where you detail in writing what happened, where, when, who with, what tools you used, what authority do you have etc). Furthermore, you can also have a Professional Guided Discussion with your assessor. Namely, this will be recorded and used as evidence in your E-Portfolio. Moreover, you can use video links through a web cam or smart phone to virtually bring your assessor onto the job and observe you.


To find out more about NVQ’s please visit the main page.


We use OneFile e-portfolio to store your work, where you can access and upload evidence. It is secure, you can use an app on your phone and your employer can have oversight (if they are paying for the qualification)



Qualification Aim

The purpose of the qualification is to offer a programme of work-based study for building services engineering apprentices. As such, building services involve the implementation and maintenance of heating, plumbing, security, lighting, air conditioning etc. Furthermore, the qualification provides the competencies required for the design pathway within the Advanced Apprenticeship in Building Services Engineering Technology and Project Management Framework for Technicians.

Mandatory Units

  • Firstly, Techniques and Procedures for Building Services Engineering Tasks  A/504/6056
  • Secondly, Developing Building Services Engineering Solutions F/504/6057
  • Thirdly, Management and Leadership in Building Services Engineering L/504/6059
  • Fourthly, Working Independently in Building Services Engineering F/504/6060
  • Additionally, Commercial Activities in Building Services Engineering J/504/6061
  • Health, Safety and Welfare for Building Services Engineers L/504/6062
  • Sustainable Development in Building Services Engineering Y/504/6064
  • Interpersonal Skills and Communication in Building Services Engineering D/504/6065
  • Lastly, Professional Values for Building Services Engineers H/504/6066

Who is the Building Services Engineering for Technicians NVQ for?


The Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Building Services Engineering for Technicians  is for those all learners aged 16 and above who are capable of reaching the required standards.

Building Services Engineering for Technicians work in a variety of settings. For example, working with contractors, consultants, government agencies and local authorities.


Entry Requirements

Working in Building Services

Be able to produce the evidence

Access to the Internet

When can you start the Building Services Engineering for Technicians NVQ?


You can start right away. Once we have processed your application, the course is paid for, we can generally get you on board within 2 working days.


How long do you have to complete the course?


The tuition period is 12 months. You can extend up to 12 months for an additional fee.


How long will it take me to complete the Building Services Engineering for Technicians course?


This is all dependant on you and how quickly you learn and how much time you set aside.


Part  time study/Full time work = Approximately 12 Months (study for 10-15 hours per week)


Full Time Study = Approximately  6 Months (30 – 50 hours per week)

Where is this course available?


Everything is online, so is available 24/7 all over the world to anyone with an internet connection

Download a fact sheet – click here

Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)


Portfolio of Evidence


Online, Remote



UCAS Points




Total Qualification Time