Construction Support Technician Apprenticeship


An employee in this occupation will be responsible for supporting construction contracting teams with the inputting and progression of digital project information linked to resources using industry standard and specialist software in office and site environments.

Construction Support Technician Apprenticeship

As a training provider, Semester LD is now able to offer apprenticeships. Therefore, the Construction Support Technician is the staple of any construction business. Respectively, the employee could be any of the following:

  • Buying and procurement technician
  • Contracting quantity surveying technician
  • Contracting site technician
  • Estimating technician
  • General construction contracting operations technician
  • Planning technician

What do Construction Support Technician’s do?

Firstly, this occupation is found in and throughout the construction and built environment sector. Sectors of such include construction contracting and associated supply chain subcontractors. As such, Construction Contracting Operations Technicians operate in a range of settings. Constituted to this, settings such as estimating, planning, buying, site, quantity surveying and design and build roles. In addition to this, site and office environments include industrial, commercial, residential, refurbishment, heritage, retail and public sector projects.

Furthermore, a significant number of other environments are small and medium sized contractors and subcontractors. Included in this, environments such as building services companies, insulation contractors, groundworkers, roofing companies, plasterers and decorators. Constituted to this, together with a host of other specialised construction areas. For further information, please visit here.

What does Semester LD offer?

Semester LD has a vast experience of dealing with major manufacturers in upskilling their workforce. Correspondingly, this is achieved through Semester LD’s NVQ and HNC programmes in lots of sectors. Some of these companies can be found on our About Page.

Therefore, please take a look at the standard:

Core Occupational Profile

Firstly, the broad purpose of the occupation is working in an exciting and dynamic environment which could be in an office or on a construction site at the heart of the contracting organisations. Furthermore, this could include versatile activities using digital processes and systems to secure future projects and to enable progress and completion of actual construction sites. As such, technicians within this specific career area are engaged to interpret, analyse, contribute and directly assist construction contracting professionals. In addition, working with a wide range of project resources and documentation regularly interacting with internal and external customers.

Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)


Exam/Test, Project, Portfolio of Evidence


24 Months