Construction Technology

Learners examine the underlying principles and construction methods used in the construction of new buildings and their associated external works.

Introduction to Construction Technology Unit

The construction industry provides the population of the UK, and the world, with the built environment needed to sustain all aspects of life as we know it. As such, today’s buildings can use combinations of modern and traditional techniques and materials in their construction. Therefore, this unit will give you an understanding of the technology used in the design and construction of low-rise domestic and commercial buildings.

What’s covered in the Unit?

In this unit, you will examine various forms of low-rise construction. Additionally, you will consider the most appropriate forms for differing site conditions and client requirements. Furthermore, you will gain an understanding of the different types of foundation that could be used on a project and the factors that influence its selection. In conjunction, you will investigate superstructure, external works design and construction. Alongside, considering the most appropriate specifications and details for given scenarios.

Progression route for the Construction Technology Unit

This unit will give you the underlying knowledge and understanding of construction technology that supports a wide range of other units in this qualification. Therefore,  a sound knowledge of construction technology is an essential aspect of many roles, including architect, site manager, quantity surveyor, planner, buyer, estimator, etc.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

  • Firstly, understand common forms of low-rise construction
  • Secondly, examine foundation design and construction
  • Thirdly, examine superstructure design and construction
  • Lastly, examine external works associated with construction projects.

Where can I contact you if I have questions?

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