Essential Application of Number Skills (EAoNS) – Level 2


Our Essential Skills Wales (2015) qualifications in Essential Application of Number Skills (Levels 1-3) are made up of 3 skills areas: understanding numerical data, carrying out calculations, and interpreting and presenting results and findings.

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What is Essential Application of Number Skills (EAoNS)?

These qualifications are about demonstrating skills in:


N2.1 – understanding numerical data

N2.2 – carrying out calculations

N2.3 – interpreting results and presenting findings


How is the skill assessed?

Learners will be assessed via a Controlled Task and a short Confirmatory Test to confirm that their skills meet Essential Application of Number Skills specifications at the required level.


The Controlled Task is an activity that covers all three components – N2.1, N2.2 and N2.3 – as a continuous process; it confirms that a learner can use their skills in a meaningful way and demonstrate understanding of the whole process. level 2 allows up to 5 hours to complete this task over a 10 week period.


N2.1 The task will require candidates to select relevant numerical data and information from at least three different source documents. A range of source documents will be provided to support the task. The source documents will include at least two of the following at the appropriate level:

  • table
  • chart
  • graphs
  • diagram


N2.2 The task will require learners to carry out calculations from at least two of the following three categories: A. amounts or sizes B. scales or proportion C. handling statistics The task will require the use of formulae in at least one of the above categories. The task will require learners to demonstrate the skills that comprise these categories in a way that provides evidence of proficiency at the level. This will include a minimum of five of the underpinning skills from N2.2 b, d – m.


N2.3 The Task will require learners to select how to present the results of their calculations, using two different and appropriate ways from:

  • tables
  • comparative/component bar charts or pie charts
  • line graphs
  • diagrams


and explain why these ways are appropriate to meet the purpose of the Task.


The Confirmatory Test is an externally assessed activity and confirms a learner’s underpinning knowledge and skills.


It will have 20 items and the learner will have to sit this in exam conditions and will be allowed 45 mins


Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs a basic maths qualification, either for Apprenticeships or employment.


How long do I get to complete this qualification?

You are allowed 12 months to complete from registration. Your progress can be monitored in OneFile as we will program your start and finish dates.

Additional Information
Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)