Maths Assessment


Free Maths assessment. You will need the results of this if you don’t have access to your GCSE results for entry to the BTEC Level 3 Engineering.

You will need to do the level 3 version if you need proof to access the HNC Engineering.


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We use the BKSB Functional Skills Maths tool to assess your maths ability up to and including Level 2. You need to be at Level 2 before you can proceed on to an engineering level 3 course, where you will learn level 3 maths.

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  • Understand and use positive and negative numbers of any size in practical contexts
  • Carry out calculations with numbers of any size in practical contexts, to a given number of decimal
  • Understand, use and calculate ratio and proportion, including problems involving scale
  • Understand and use equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages
  • Understand and use simple formulae and equations involving one- or two-step operations
  • Recognise and use 2D representations of 3D objects
  • Find area and perimeter of common shapes
  • Find volume of common shapes
  • Use, convert and calculate using metric and, where appropriate, imperial measures
  • Collect and represent discrete and continuous data, using ICT where appropriate
  • Use and interpret discrete and continuous data
  • Use statistical methods to investigate situations
  • Use probability to assess the likelihood of an outcome

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