Health and Safety in Construction

Learners will carry out a safe system of work and investigate the significance of safety system reviews, understanding the responsibilities of employees and employers with regard to health and safety in construction operations.

Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction Unit

Health and safety in construction operations is essential so that workers can carry out practical activities in a safe environment. Consequently, this ensures the environment is free from hazards and risks. As such, safety starts in the office with planning safe systems of work. Additionally, assessing the risks in construction operations and applying control measures. In effect, this reduces the risks to an acceptable level. Therefore, companies aspire to achieve the target of zero accidents in the workplace. Consequently, this enables them to promote their reputation as safe constructors.

In this unit, you will examine the responsibilities of employees and employers with regard to UK legislation. Furthermore, examining regulations and the procedures used to control hazards and risks for construction operations. Additionally, you will use relevant policies and procedures to design a safe system of work. You will investigate how all aspects of health and safety are monitored to ensure they are kept up to date. Moreover, ensuring employers and employees are well informed and any changes are evaluated and controlled.


Progression route after completion of unit

This unit can help you progress to health and safety management and supervision in the construction sector. In conjunction, other roles include:

– Contracts Manager

– Site Manager

Specialist qualifications include:

– National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) Certificate and Diploma qualifications.

– Higher Nationals in Construction and degrees in construction specialisms.

Learning outcomes

On completion of this unit a learner should:

  1. Understand how health and safety legislation is applied to construction operations
  2. Carry out the development of a safe system of work for construction operations
  3. Understand the need for the review of safety systems for construction operations.


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