BTEC NVQ Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering Maintenance – Mechanical


Work based vocational qualification. You will need to be employed in this sector and would typically be working as a maintenance engineer.

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What is an NVQ?


National Vocational Qualifications (NVQs) or Competence-based qualifications reflect the skills and knowledge needed to do a job effectively. They are work-based qualifications that give learners the opportunity to demonstrate their competence in the area of work or job role to which the qualification relates.

NVQs/Competence-based qualifications are outcomes-based with no fixed learning programme, allowing flexibility in their delivery to meet the individual learner’s needs. The qualifications are based on the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for the sector, which define what employees, or potential employees, must be able to do and know, and how well they should undertake work tasks and work roles.


NVQ Engineering Maintenance – Mechanical is specific to those working in a maintenance role. We have engineers from many different industries completing this qualification:

  • Theme Park Maintenance
  • Offshore Maintenance
  • Water Industry Maintenance
  • Wind Turbines Maintenance
  • Gas Turbine Maintenance
  • Manufacturing line maintenance
  • Warehouse/Logistics Industry Maintenance
  • Mobile Cranes Inspection/Testing
  • Fork Lift Truck Maintenance
  • Tool and Plant Hire

Who is this course for?

Within Engineering maintenance there are a number of pathways which you can go down. Each pathway specifies a number of mandatory units, but they are all taken from the same core of units.

How long do I get to complete this qualification?

You are allowed 12 months to complete from registration. Your progress can be monitored in OneFile as we will program your start and finish dates. If you do not complete within the given time, you can extend on a month by month basis.


  • Handing Over and Confirming Completion of Maintenance Activities (T/600/5516)
  • Complying with Statutory Regulations and Organisational Safety Requirements (A/601/5013)
  • Using and Interpreting Engineering Data and Documentation (Y/601/5102)
  • Working Efficiently and Effectively in Engineering (K/601/5055)
  • Carrying Out Fault Diagnosis on Mechanical Equipment (T/600/5533)
  • Maintaining Mechanical Equipment (H/600/5544)


  • Restoring Mechanical Components to Usable Condition by Repair (A/600/5551) (47 Cr)
  • Producing Replacement Components for Maintenance Activities (H/600/5558) (47 Cr)
  • Carrying Out Preventative Planned Maintenance on Mechanical Equipment (A/600/5565) (38 Cr)
  • Carrying Out Condition Monitoring of Plant and Equipment (A/600/5582) (39 Cr)
  • Assisting in the Installation of Mechanical Equipment (J/600/5634) (48 Cr)
  • Too many to list…
CSCS Card Eligibility

By enrolling on this course, you can meet one of the requirements to apply for the RED CSCS – TRAINEE card.

See here-> https://www.constructionhelpline.com/red-card-trainee.php 



By Completing this course, you will meet one of the requirements to apply for the Blues CSCS – Skilled Worker Card

See here – > https://www.constructionhelpline.com/blue-card.php




Red CSCS Trainee card
Blue CSCS Card - Skilled Worker
Engineering Council Eligibility


By completing this course, you will be eligible for the Professional Grade of EngTECH.


This course has been approved by the Institute of Engineering & Technology and counts towards EngTECH status.


For full details of this scheme, please see the IET webpage here -> https://www.theiet.org/career/professional-registration/engineering-technician/


IET Approved Scheme
Additional Information
Awarding Organisation (AO)

Pearson (Edexcel)


Portfolio of Evidence






12 Months