Principles of ICT System and Data Security


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Aim and purpose

This unit introduces the common types of threat to ICT systems and data and methods of
protecting against them. It also covers an awareness of the applications of cryptography
to ICT systems and data. 

Unit introduction

Individuals and organisations need to be confident that IT systems are reliable and
secure. This is particularly important in such activities as emailing, internet purchases,
online services and instant data retrieval. Where this cannot be relied on then the whole
use of IT systems is undermined. 

Security should not unnecessarily impede access or effective use. Breaches in security
may be caused by human actions, either accidentally or by malicious intent, negligence
or through incorrect installation, configuration or operation. 

In this unit learners will explore ways of maintaining the integrity of IT systems by
controlling and monitoring physical access, protecting hardware and protecting data by,
for example, encryption. This requires knowledge of both physical and access control
security and their application in a real-world situation. 

Attacks against computer-based systems are commonplace and increasing and therefore
the IT practitioner needs to develop skills to be able to combat such threats. This unit
enables learners to understand why security is necessary, the potential dangers, and how
to protect systems and data.