Systems Architecture


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Aim and purpose

This unit introduces how information is represented in a computer and an awareness of
communication processes in networks and distributed systems. It also involves
knowledge and use of an operating environment. 

Unit introduction

All computer systems share the same underlying computer architecture principles. This
unit examines these principles and explores the fundamentals of how computer systems

Learners will explore how various types of data can be represented and then stored
within computer systems. This is followed by a study of the low-level system
components. It includes the processor, buses and memory incorporating an analysis of
how these components interact to manipulate data using the fetch-execute cycle. 

Learners will then look at how operating systems, including network versions, are used to
interact with and control computer systems. 

Finally, learners will examine the operation of distributed operating systems and
computer networks, learning how communications are established and maintained
between in distributed systems. 

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