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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to Attend a Centre for Exams?

No – All course work and assessments are undertaken online.

Will I have to buy any course books/additional reading?

We have a list of recommended books for learners. Although these are very useful and can help significantly they are a RECOMMENDED list only.  They can be bought used on EBAY/AMAZON.

How long will it take to complete a Unit?

Guidelines are 1-3 months per 10 credit Unit. But this depends entirely on learner study time dedicated to Unit.

Do I have a time Limit to complete the course?

Strictly speaking no – your course qualification is registered to you for a specific time (Level 3 – 3 years & HNC – 5 Years) so if you complete it within that time frame its fine.

Do you offer Finance?

Yes, We have a range of payment plans.  We have partnered up with lenders Duologi who will process the finance applications (Terms & Conditions apply), undertake all credit checks and notify customer very quickly of the decision. 

I studied previously – Can I use it as Accredited Prior Learning Credit?

Yes – if relevant to current studies.  Send us the course transcripts/learning outcomes and we can assess and work out if and what you can have APL’d.

Do I need any special equipment?

A PC/Laptop with office software and a good internet connection. For those studying IT or Computing, you will need access to a PC that you can add/remove hardware and software.

Is an HNC higher than a City & Guilds?

They are like apples and oranges. City and Guilds are an Awarding Organisation, similar to Pearson/Edexcel/BTEC. What you need to compare are the levels. See the below table for guidance. Level 2 would be GCSE level.

levels Grid

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